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Benefits of Faith Based Travel
Religious travel can provide spiritual enlightenment. Besides offering you a wonderful way to vacation, you can also see how culture, history, and the heritage of your faith interact in life today. Travel touches all aspects of the human person—spiritually, physically, intellectually, socially, and emotionally. Faith-based travel also supports other ministries you may be involved with—from community outreach to growing members’ faith in a personal, enriching way.

As group travel is one of the best ways to develop a close bond among members, Gulliver's Travel would be honored to host a trip for your church or organization. With a wonderful variety of tours and vacations, you simply decide which type of travel experience would most perfectly fit your church, ministry, or organization's interests. We do the rest.

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More than 50,000 churches across America participate in organized group travel for the following benefits:

  • Develops community among members
  • Visiting religious sites enhances one's faith
  • Provides wonderful opportunity to experience natural or historical destinations
  • Enriches the lives of members

Creating a Community

Think of your fondest memories in life. What did they involve? Was it your wedding day? The birth of a child? How about moving into your first home? For most of us, these are probably some of our fondest memories. But if you think about it, some of our fondest memories probably also involve travel.

Most of us can attest to reliving tales with others about trips we've taken. We talk about places visited, laugh about mishaps, and radiate with joy about friendships developed. That's the beauty of travel - it creates community.

So what is it about travel that creates some of life's most precious moments? What is it about travel that brings people closer together?


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