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Jan Oglesby, CTC

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My love of travel began as a child of four, sitting on my daddy's lap in southern Georgia. He would tell me about Russia and China. I knew he wanted to travel but could never afford it. Sometimes I would dig in the backyard and when anyone asked me what I was doing, I would say "I'm digging my way to China."  That's just the beginning of the story. .....Since then I've been to Asia more than 28 times. I've lead many groups through all of the seven continents countless times.  As a result, I've started the Seven Continents Club. Membership grows each year, and continues to grow today. It seems that many people share my dream. Some of my favorite destinations are the most exotic of locales in Africa and Asia. However, I still carry a fondness for cities in Europe and the Mediterranean.

Looking back, I've fully enjoyed over 30 years of working with Gulliver's Travel. Through our travel experiences, Gulliver's and their clients are like one big family.

-Jan Oglesby, CTC