Germantown Baptist Church 

9450 Poplar Ave., Germantown, TN 38139 

The Engagement

​​After Herbie and Madison celebrated their 5 year anniversary, Herbie decided to pop the question! On May 1, Herbie and Madison hiked to the top of Horsetooth Rock, a 3 mile incline hike, where the reward was an overlook of the entire city. As if that view wasn't good enough, Herbie got down on 1 knee asking Madison to marry him (although, she was so stunned, she can't even remember if she actually said yes...she just stuck out her hand with her jaw dropped).Herbie and Madison will be celebrating their 6th year together on their wedding day and can't wait for everyone to celebrate with them! Thank you to family and friends for the support throughout the years. (And a special thanks to Coach Carter, their Houston High FFA Advisor for unintentionally setting them up!)

The Honeymoon

The Bride and Groom have chosen Jamaica as their dream Honeymoon location. What an excellent choice. Beach, Romance, Tropical, it's perfect. Our couple has chosen to participate in our Honeymoon Registry. It works the same as any other Bridal Registry. Stop by Gulliver's Travel Germantown, TN, call 901 754 9300 or email, the couples Honeymoon planner. 

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Their Love Story

It all started in Gatlinburg, TN at the FFA State Convention. Madison and Herbie were waiting in line to get into the morning session, Herbie with his friends, and Madison not knowing a soul. Feeling bad for Madison, Herbie decided to introduce himself and invite her to sit with him and his friends. To say Madison was relieved, was an understatement. Not only did she finally have a friend to talk to , but a cute boy at that! So, Madison and Herbie got to know each other during their last day in Gatlinburg. They sat and talked the entire ride home where they found out that they had a love of sushi in common. For anyone who knows them, you know their love for sushi. So, Herbie took Madison on a sushi date for their first date! Since Herbie was going off to college 18 hours away, both were unsure of how long distance would work and decided they would just enjoy the time they had together before he left. They spent the entire summer together, being inseparable, and soon realized they had something that was too good to give up. So, they decided to give long distance a try. Madison would visit Herbie every few months, slowly falling in love with Colorado and the amazing people there. Madison ended up attending CSU a year later, reuniting with Herbie. Those next 4 years were the best 4 years as they made so many friends, grew in the Lord, ate a lot of sushi, and enjoyed life in beautiful Fort Collins! They also added to the family, by getting a German Shepherd, Avery!

Madison and Herbie

April 28, 2018


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